Bamboo Commercial Usage
Products from Plantation:
Biomass from leaf liter /acre : 4t/year from 2nd year onwards

1. Vermicompost :

The dry and fallen leaves are collected, homogenized with fresh cow dung and fed to earthworms (non-burrowing species), in 3-6 months span, which results as enriched organic manure, vermicompost.

2. Mushroom production :

The dry leaf litters act as suitable substrates for edible mushroom production.

3. Biomass Energy Feedstock :

The bamboo clumps can be harvested and converted in pellets, chips, briquette and uniform size cut stems which act as biomass energy feedstock.

Chips & Pallets


Bamboo handicrafts and lifestyle products :
Products from Plantation:
Products from Plantation:

The by products from Powerplant depends on the process and nature of the powerplant.
In Steam based powerplant, the end product is ash, which are rich in nutrients and suitable for soil amendments in agriculture as fertilizers, and also additive in concrete production.
In gasification technology, the by products are biochar or coal which has various uses.

bamboo-bio charcoal

The Bamboo charcoal can be uses as :

  1. Replaces coal (sustainable compared to mined coal)
  2. Activated bamboo charcoal for water purification and filtration
  3. Used in cosmetic industries as soaps, toothpaste, cleanser and so on
bamboo Pulp

The bamboo pulps have various major role in

1. Paper production where newsprints, wallpaper, paper products like biodegradable cups, food boxes, paperboards and regular use papers are made  

2. Fiber can be created which can be combed into yarn and then into fabrics

3. Biogas production – under anerobic digestion of pulp methane gas produced which can be used for cooking and automobile fuel and the undigested biomass from this process can be converted into briquettes for power production
4. Bioethanol – bamboo pulp under enzymatic fermentation process produces ethanol